Anchovy Powder 江鱼仔粉


Fresh and 100% high quality anchovy from Pangkor Island.
Suitable for: baby food (stir with porridge / boil with porridge), steamed dish, soup, fried rice, cooking, stewing, meat seasoning, noodle making, all kinds of cooking.

Preservation method :
Do not expose to high temperature and humidity, use a clean spoon to extract, seal and refrigerate. After unsealing and frozen storage for 1 year , as long as no mold. Remember to refrigerate to ensure the freshness of the food.

取自100% 邦咯岛优质江鱼仔。适用于:宝宝辅食品(熬粥/拌粥)、蒸式菜色、熬汤、炒饭炒菜、蒸煮、焖炖、肉馅调料、面条制作、各式烹调等。天然调味粉用途广泛,从6个月宝宝到年老人家、辅食到各式菜色、还是营养到味蕾,是如今每户人家的餐桌上不可缺少的健康调味品!


勿置于高温潮湿处,请使用干净的匙提取、密封并冷藏。开封后冷冻保藏1年,只要没发霉都是没问题的。记得要冷藏保存才 能确保食品鲜美度

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