Anchovy Powder 江鱼仔粉


Anchovies are rich in vitamin D, thiamine, iodine and are a great source of protein.

This product is most suitable for the diet of infants and children. – An attractive food for babies, toddlers and elderly because of its nutritional values. It is also suitable for people with diabetes and lactose intolerance.

  • Relieve pain and gas in the stomach for babies
  • Immunity booster and resistance to disease and infection
  • Promote liver and kidney function
  • Good source for calcium for bone strengthening
  • Improve concentration, memory, energy level and stamina.

Country of origin: Malaysia, Pangkor Island.

100% pure and natural with no addictive added.

Suitable for: baby food (stir with porridge / boil with porridge), steamed dish, soup, fried rice, cooking, stewing, meat seasoning, noodle making, all kinds of cooking.

Do not expose directly to heat or expose to high temperature and humidity. Please use a clean spoon each time when scooping out. Keep it in the fridge after open.

取自100% 邦咯岛优质江鱼仔。适用于:宝宝辅食品(熬粥/拌粥)、蒸式菜色、熬汤、炒饭炒菜、蒸煮、焖炖、肉馅调料、面条制作、各式烹调等。天然调味粉用途广泛,从6个月宝宝到年老人家、辅食到各式菜色、还是营养到味蕾,是如今每户人家的餐桌上不可缺少的健康调味品!


勿置于高温潮湿处,请使用干净的匙提取、密封并冷藏。开封后冷冻保藏1年,只要没发霉都是没问题的。记得要冷藏保存才 能确保食品鲜美度

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