Live Clam 活蛤蜊


The live clams are found primarily on the seabed. They have a soft and tender texture with sweet flavor. Although clams might not win any beauty contests, they are prized for their briny bite and chew, which makes them a fantastic addition to many recipes around the world. They work well in soups, salads, seafood stews, and more. Clams are perfect for steaming with wine or if you prefer, sauteed with butter and garlic for a simple, quick yet tasty treat. Make sure you had enough to go round the table!


Remove any “smashed” or “opened” clam.

Soak the remaining clam in salty water for at least 60 minutes. Rinse it with water and repeat the soaking once more. By then, the clam will split out any sand sediments.
Rinse it once more to remove the sand completely and its ready for cooking.




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