Cha Siew Pao 叉烧包


A few years back, we started experimenting with different recipes for steamed buns. We tried different fillings and different recipes. We had tried different recipes from books, magazines and websites. Finally, Hanphy Seafood is glad to offer the super tasty soft, fluffy cha siew bao. Believe me, grab one box (10pcs) back today, and you will come back for more next time.

These buns are best served as an appetizer, snack or starter at your next dinner party.

HANDMADE char siew pau~ made from authentic Hong Kong recipe. 10pcs/box

来自酒楼师傅之手的手工制作的叉烧包。新鲜制作,可以冷冻收藏。我们家广受好评的叉烧包。当点心或者早餐都非常适合哦!1 盒有10粒哦!

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