Threadfin 午鱼


The “go-to fish” for weaning babies and lactating mothers.
The bone, when boiled with green unripened papaya as a soup, is a milk booster especially for mothers who have a low supply of breast milk.
Its highly sought after by parents due to its nature of its soft and sweet meat which are believed to be easy for children to take a liking to.

午鱼也称为马友鱼。一般称之为“午鱼”是一种多脂肪的名贵鱼类,肉多刺少。肉质鲜美,细腻而爽口,脂肪厚度超过10% ,高出一般鱼类甚多,且易烹调,不管是香煎还是清蒸都是好料理。许多父母喜欢用午鱼煮鱼粥给小宝宝补充营养。

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