Sea Prawn 明虾


The Sea Prawn is also known as Ang Kar Heh.  Sea Prawn is well-known for its sweetness and meaty. It is used commonly in Prawn Noodles due to its thin shells, and absorbs flavor very well! Delicate bouncy texture with a sweet taste. , and also have more meat than others because of their thin shell.

天然海捕的明虾,也叫做红脚虾。是一种肉质鲜美的海明虾, 肉质厚实,味道鲜甜,是许多人的最爱。


These prawns contain vitamin B12 which boosts memory. 富含维他命B12可以帮助促进记忆力。

1kg 大约 35-45只上下

500g 一份包装。方便煮食。

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