Super Big Sea Prawn 特大明虾


Wild catch Ang Kar Heh!  Ang Kar Prawn is very meaty and sweet. It is used commonly in Prawn Noodles due to its thin shells, it absorbs flavour very well! Delicate bouncy texture with a sweet taste. , and also have more meat than others because of their thin shell.

野生红脚虾是一种肉质鲜美的海明虾, 肉质厚实,味道鲜甜,是许多人的最爱。 用来煮汤面整个汤都十分鲜甜!


These prawns contain vitamin B12 which boosts memory. 富含维他命B12可以帮助促进记忆力。

500g 一份包装。方便煮食。

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